Automate Your Software Tests Easily with AutoClickExtreme


Most testing tools in the Internet market are awfully complicated! You read long sophisticated tutorials, but the more you read the more your thoughts get into a mess. You need several days or even weeks to learn how to use the tool. It seems, you would do the testing manually much faster! If you are tired of testing software manually or with complicated testing tools, AutoClickExtreme is the tool you need!

It will record your actions automatically and then reproduce any number of tests at random or in the exact order you define. You just click on the Rec button and perform your manual test, when you've carried out all the needed actions, stop the record by clicking on the blinking icon in the Tray. Your automated software test is ready! You can leave AutoClickExtreme working alone for the whole night and get the results in the morning.

AutoClickExtreme is a unique software testing tool compared to other testing programs. It's a smart human-like mechanism, that provides 100% control of images and never reproduces actions in a wrong window. At the same time it's a no-code easy-to-use program, no additional skills are required!

AutoClickExtreme Automated Software Testing Capabilities 


Download AutoClickExtreme free of charge here. During the free trial period, which is 41 days, you can use the simple view and the professional view of the program. Even when the trial time expires, the simple view is still available.

You will get professional support concerning AutoClickExtreme automated software tests and any other AutoClickExtreme work automation. If you have any questions about AutoClickExtreme, feel free to email us at We are always happy to help you! 

        P. S. AutoClickExtreme will avoid all the errors that we are all prone to make if tired after multiple repetitions. It will not skip any tests and, moreover, it will record the test results accurately. It tests software with a randomness that can be compared only with manual testing, it will reproduce tests in varied situations to find bugs.

        P. P. S. With AutoClickExtreme you can start test automation whenever you like, and, if it's a late start, you don't have to change anything in code or strategy. You'll get automated software tests by recording the actions you've performed for ages. You get a quality software testing tool at a very low cost - $49!